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03Hunter LiggettWWI
031st DivisionU.S. War Dept.WWI
031st ArmyJohn J. Pershing; Hunter Liggett; U.S. Army.  Army, 1stWWI
03First DivisionU.S. War DepartmentWWI
03First DivisionCharles S. CoulterWWII
03Ninth Army; 9th ArmyU.S. Army. Army, 9thWWII
035th ArmyU.S. Army.  Army, 5thWWII
035th ArmyCenter of Military HistoryWWII
035th ArmyGeorge FortyWWII
031st ArmyN.A.WWII
036th ArmyWalter KruegerWWII
035th ArmyChester G. StarrWWII
03Center of Military HistoryWWII
033rd ArmyRobert S. AllenWWII
03Robert L. EichelbergerWWII
033rd ArmyBrenton Greene WallaceWWII
033rd ArmyChristopher J. AndersonWWII
033rd ArmyCharles M. ProvinceWWII
037th ArmyU.S. Army.  Army, 7thWWII
035th ArmyU.S. Army.  Army, 5thWWII
03Center of Military HistoryWWII
033rd ArmyC.H. Martin; U.S. Army.  Army, 3rdWWII
03Paul D. HarkinsWWII
031st DivisionSociety of the First DivisionCold War
04II CorpsU.S. War Dept.  General StaffWWII
04II CorpsU.S. Army.  Corps, 2ndWWII
04Center of Military HistoryWWII
04VII CorpsU.S. Army.  VII CorpsWWII
04XII CorpsGeorge Dyer; U.S. Army.  XII CorpsWWII
04XVI CorpsU.S. Army.  XVI CorpsWWII
04V CorpsU.S. Army.  V CorpsWWII
05First DivisionWilliam B. McCormick; Valerie B. HallGeneral
05First DivisionN.A.General
05First DivisionU.S. Army.  Infantry Division, 1stGeneral
05First DivisionN.A.General
05First DivisionSociety of the First DivisionGeneral
05First DivisionN.A.General
05First DivisionHQ, 1st Division, A.E.F.WWI
05First DivisionN.A.WWI
05First DivisionJohn HurkalaWWI
05First DivisionHenry Russell MillerWWI
05First DivisionN.A.WWI
05First DivisionSociety of the First Division, A.E.F.WWI
05First DivisionGeorge Dudley BogertWWI
05First DivisionJoseph Dorst PatchWWI
05First DivisionCalvin CoolidgeWWI
05First DivisionAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05First DivisionN.A.WWII
05First DivisionH. R. Knickerbocker, et alWWII
05First DivisionN.A.WWII
05First DivisionClift AndrusWWII
05First DivisionU.S. Army.  Infantry Division, 1st.  U.S. Dept. of the ArmyWWII
05First DivisionU.S. Army. Infantry Division, 1stWWII
05First DivisionTerry de la Mesa Allen; Society of the First DivisionWWII
05First DivisionDonald McB CurtisWWII
05First DivisionN.A.WWII
05First DivisionN.A.WWII
05First DivisionN.A.Cold War
05First DivisionSociety of the First DivisionCold War
05First DivisionN.A.Vietnam
05First DivisionU.S. Dept. of the Army.  U.S. Army, 1st DivisionVietnam
05First Division2nd Bde; Second BrigadeU.S. Army.  Infantry Division, 1st.  Brigade, 2ndVietnam
05First Division1st Bde; First BrigadeU.S. Dept. of the ArmyDesert Storm; Desert Shield
05Infantry Division9th InfantryJoseph Bernard MittelmanWWII
05Infantry Division9th InfantryTimothy Kutscheid, et alVietnam
05Infantry Division10th MountainKenneth S. TempletonWWII
05Infantry Division10th MountainWilliam Lowell PutnamWWII
05Infantry Division10th MountainMcKay JenkinsWWII
05Infantry Division11th AirborneE. M. FlanaganWWII
05Infantry Division13th InfantryN.A.WWI
05Infantry Division18th InfantryEdward Bradford JohnsWWI
05Infantry Division24th InfantryRichard Julius Herman KrebsWWII
05Infantry Division26th InfantryBert FordWWI
05Infantry Division26th InfantryHarry A. BenwellWWI
05Infantry Division26th InfantryFrank Palmer SibleyWWI
05Infantry Division26th InfantryEmerson Gifford TaylorWWI
05Infantry Division26th InfantryAlbert E. George; Edwin H. CooperWWI
05Infantry Division26th InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05Infantry Division27th InfantryJohn F. O'RyanWWI
05Infantry Division27th InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05Infantry Division27th InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWII
05Infantry Division27th InfantryWilliam F. ClarkeWWII
05Infantry Division28th InfantryEugene GilbertWWI
05Infantry Division28th InfantryH. G. ProctorWWI
05Infantry Division28th InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05Infantry Division28th InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 28thWWII
05Infantry Division28th InfantryUzal W. Ent; Robert Grant CristGeneral
05Infantry Division28th InfantryEdward Martin; Edwin Sherman WallaceWWI
0529th Infantry Division; Twenty-Ninth Infantry Division116th InfantrySamuel Gardner WallerWWI
05Infantry Division29th InfantryMillard E. TydingsWWI
05Infantry Division29th InfantryJohn A. Cutchins; George Scott Stewart; U.S. Army.  Infantry Division, 29thWWI
05Infantry Division29th InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry Division, 29th.  Coast Artillery School (U.S.)WWI
05Infantry Division29th InfantryJoseph H. EwingWWII
05Infantry Division30th InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05Infantry Division30th InfantryRobert L. HewittWWII
05Infantry Division30th InfantryHenry D. RussellCold War
05Infantry Division31st InfantryU.S. Army.  Division, 31stWWII
05Infantry Division32nd InfantryWisconsin War History Commission.  Michigan War History CommissionWWI
05Infantry Division32nd InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05Infantry Division32nd InfantryJohn M. CarlisleWWII
05Infantry Division32nd InfantryHarold Whittle BlakelyWWII
05Infantry Division33rd InfantryStates Publications SocietyWWI
05Infantry Division33rd DivisionStates Publication SocietyWWI
05Infantry Division33rd InfantryFrederic Louis HuidekoperWWI
05Infantry Division33rd InfantryTheodore Calvin Pease, et alWWI
05Infantry Division33rd InfantryN.A.WWII
05Infantry Division33rd InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05Infantry Division34th InfantryU.S. Army.  Division, 34th.  U.S. Army.  Mediterranean Theater of OperationsWWII
05Infantry Division35th InfantryClair KenamoreWWI
05Infantry Division35th InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05Infantry Division36th InfantryVincent M. LockhartWWII
05Infantry Division36th InfantryRichard A. Huff.  U.S. Army.  Infantry Division, 36th.  Pictorial History TeamWWII
05Infantry Division37th InfantryDon Palmer; Jack KoonsWWI
05Infantry Division37th InfantryRalph Dayton Cole; William Cooper HowellsWWI
05Infantry Division37th InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05Infantry Division40th InfantryU.S. Army.  40th Infantry DivisionWWII
05Infantry Division42nd InfantryWalter B. WolfWWI
05Infantry Division42nd InfantryRaymond Sidney TompkinsWWI
05Infantry Division42nd InfantryHenry J. ReillyWWI
05Infantry Division42nd InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05Infantry Division42nd InfantryHugh C. Daly; U.S. Army.  Infantry Division, 42ndWWII
05Infantry Division42nd InfantryHugh S. ThompsonWWI
05Infantry Division43rd InfantryHoward F. BrownGeneral
05Infantry Division45th InfantryDon RobinsonWWII
05Infantry Division45th InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry Division, 45thWWII
05Infantry Division45th InfantryFlint WhitlockWWII
05Infantry Division65th InfantryBill JordyWWII
05Infantry Division66th InfantrySiinto S. WessmanWWII
05Infantry Division69th InfantryN.A.WWII
05Infantry Division71st InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry Division, 71stWWII
05Infantry Division75th InfantryBill Schiller; Lisa ThompsonWWII
05Infantry Division76th InfantryN.A.WWII
05Infantry Division77th InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry Division, 77thWWI
05Infantry Division77th InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05Infantry Division77th InfantryJames M. Burns; Marjorie Cline; U.S. War Dept.  General StaffWWII
05Infantry Division77th InfantryU.S. Army; Infantry Division, 77thWWII
05Infantry Division78th InfantryThomas F. MeehanWWI
05Infantry Division78th InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05Infantry Division78th InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry Division, 78thWWII
05Infantry Division79th InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05Infantry Division78th InfantryJohn B. BabcockWWII
05Infantry Division80th InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05Infantry Division80th InfantryBerry CraigWWII
05Infantry Division80th InfantryRussell L. StultzWWI
05Infantry Division81st InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05Infantry Division81st Infantry81st Wildcat Division Historical CommitteeWWII
05Infantry Division82nd InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry Division, 82ndWWI
05Infantry Division82nd InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05Airborne Division82nd AirborneU.S. Army.  Airborne Division, 82ndGeneral
05Airborne Division82nd AirborneJames M. GavinWWII
05Airborne Division82nd AirborneWilliam B. BreuerWWII
05Airborne Division82nd AirborneLeroy ThompsonWWII
05Airborne Division82nd AirborneT. Moffatt BurrissWWII
05Airborne Division82nd AirbornePhil NordykeWWII
05Infantry Division83rd InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry Division, 83rdWWII
05Infantry Division84th InfantryTheodore DraperWWII
05Infantry Division85th InfantryPaul L. SchultzWWII
05Infantry Division86th InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry Division, 86thWWI
05Infantry Division86th InfantryRichard A. BeiggsWWII
05Infantry Division88th InfantryN.A.WWI
05Infantry Division88th InfantryJohn Paul DelaneyWWII
05Infantry Division88th InfantryJohn Sloan BrownWWII
05Infantry Division89th InfantryGeorge H. EnglishWWI
05Infantry Division89th InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05Infantry Division89th InfantryWilliam M. WrightWWI
05Infantry Division90th InfantryGeorge Wythe; 90th Division AssociationWWI
05Infantry Division90th InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05Infantry Division90th InfantryU. S. Army.  Infantry Division, 90thWWII
05Infantry Division90th InfantryWilliam G. WeaverWWII
05Infantry Division90th InfantryJohn ColbyWWII
05Infantry Division91st Infantry91st Division Publication CommitteeWWI
05Infantry Division91st InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05Infantry Division92nd InfantryHondon B. HargroveWWII
05Infantry Division92nd InfantryThomas St. John ArnoldWWII
05Infantry Division93rd InfantryAmerican Battle Monuments CommissionWWI
05Infantry Division93rd InfantryFrank E. RobertsWWI
05Infantry Division94th InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry Division, 94thWWII
05Infantry Division94th Infantry94th Infantry Division AssociationGeneral
05Infantry Division96th InfantryOrlando R. DavidsonWWII
05Infantry Division99th InfantryWilliam C. C. CavanaghWWII
05Airborne Division101st AirborneLeonard RapportDivision
05Airborne Division101st AirborneMark BandoWWII
05Airborne Division101st AirborneU.S. Army.  Airborne Division, 101stWWII
05Infantry Division102nd InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry Division, 102ndWWII
05Infantry Division103rd InfantryRalph MuellerWWII
05Infantry Division104th Infantry; 45th Regiment; 1st BattalionU.S. Army.  Infantry Division, 104thWWII
05Infantry Division104th InfantryLeo Arthur HoeghWWII
05Infantry Division106th InfantryR. Ernest DupuyWWII
05Infantry Division106th InfantryCharles WhitingWWII
05Infantry Division106th InfantryCharles WhitingWWII
05Armored Division1st ArmoredU.S. Army.  Armored Division, 1stWWII
05Armored Division2nd Armored; 702nd Tank Destroyer Battalion; 95th Anti-aircraft BattalionU.S. Army.  Armored Division, 2ndWWII
05Armored Division2nd ArmoredE. A. TrahanWWII
05Armored Division2nd ArmoredDonald Eugene HoustonWWII
05Armored Division3rd ArmoredU.S. Army.  Armored Division, 3rdWWII
05Armored Division3rd ArmoredU.S. Army.  Armored Division, 3rdWWII
05Armored Division4th ArmoredU.S. Army.  Armored Division, 4thWWII
05Armored Division4th ArmoredNat Frankel; Larry SmithWWII
05Armored Division4th ArmoredChristopher R. GabelWWII
05Armored Division4th ArmoredDon M. FoxWWII
05Armored Division5th ArmoredU.S. Army.  Armored Division, 5thWWII
05Armored Division5th ArmoredN.A.WWII
05Armored Division5th ArmoredN.A.WWII
05Armored Division5th ArmoredN.A.Cold War
05Armored Division6th ArmoredU.S. Army.  Armored Division, 6thWWII
05Armored Division7th ArmoredU.S. Army.  Armored Division, 7thWWII
05Armored Division7th Armored7th Armored Division AssociationWWII
05Armored Division7th ArmoredSeventh [7th]  Armored Division AssociationWWII
05Armored Division10th ArmoredU.S. Army.  Armored Division, 10thWWII
05Armored Division11th ArmoredHal D. StewardWWII
05Armored Division14th ArmoredJoseph CarterWWII
05Cavalry Division1st CavalryU.S. War Department, General StaffWWII
05Cavalry Division1st CavalryBertram C. WrightWWII
05Air Cavalry Division1st Air CavalryEdward HymoffVietnam
05Cavalry Division1st CavalryShelby L. StantonVietnam
05Cavalry Division2nd CavalryU.S. Army.  Cavalry Division, 2ndWWII
201Coast Artillery9th Coast ArtilleryU.S. Army.  Coast Artillery, 9thWWI
201Trench Mortar Battery117th BatteryHenry D. StansburyWWI
202Field Artillery13th Field ArtilleryLarry Hough; U.S. Army.  Field Artillery Observation Battalion, 13thWWII
202Field Artillery32nd Field Artillery; 18th Regimental Combat Team; 1st U.S. Infantry DivisionMalcolm MarshallWWII
202Field Artillery33rd Field Artillery; Battery ADonald J. HuntWWII
202Armored Field Artillery87th Field ArtilleryFred L. MoyseWWII
202Field Artillery324th Field ArtilleryGeorge R. HallWWII
202Anti-Aircraft Artillery443rd Anti-AircraftJohn R. Fisher; Werner L. Larson; 443rd AAA AssociationWWII
202Anti-Aircraft Artillery443rd Anti-AircraftJohn R. Fisher; Bernard Fox; 443rd AAA AssociationWWII
203Field Artillery5th Field ArtilleryU.S. Army.  5th Field Artillery RegimentWWI
203Field Artillery5th Field ArtilleryN.A.General
203Field Artillery6th Field ArtilleryN.A.WWI
203Field Artillery6th Field ArtilleryJohn Harvey Fye; U.S. Army.  Field Artillery, 6thGeneral
203Field Artillery7th Field ArtilleryU.S. Army.  7th Field ArtilleryWWI
203Field Artillery7th Field ArtilleryMatthew S. BroniszGeneral
203Cavalry47th CavalryU.S. Army.  47th Coast ArtilleryWWI
203Cavalry55th CavalryFrederick Morse CutlerWWI
203Field Artillery77th Field ArtilleryDudley R. TierneyWWI
203Field Artillery101st Field ArtilleryRussell Gordon CarterWWI
203Field Artillery102nd Field Artillery; Battery CEdward D. Sirois; William McGinnis; John J. HoganWWI
203Field Artillery103rd Field Artillery; Battery F; 26th DivisionStanley J. HerzogWWI
203Field Artillery103rd Field ArtilleryW.F. Kernan; Henry Tritton SamsonWWI
203Field Artillery104th Field ArtilleryU.S. Army.  Field Artillery, 104thWWI
203Field Artillery107th Field Artillery; Battery C; 28th DivisionDavid S. GarberWWI
203Field Artillery114th Field Artillery; Battery B; 55th Brigade;30th DivisionErnest Patrick WestWWI
203Field Artillery129th Field ArtilleryJay McIllvaine LeeWWI
203Field Artillery134th Field Artillery; Battery DU.S. Army.  Field Artillery, 134thWWI
203Field Artillery149th Field ArtilleryLeslie LangilleWWI
203Field Artillery303rd Field ArtilleryU.S. Army.  Field Artillery Regiment, 303rdWWI
203Field Artillery306th Field ArtilleryN.A.WWI
203Field Artillery313th Field ArtilleryThomas IrvingWWI
203Field Artillery322nd Field ArtilleryN.A.WWI
203Field Artillery324th Field ArtilleryT.Q. AshburnWWI
203Field Artillery328th Field ArtilleryN.A.WWI
208Ammunition Train1st Ammunition TrainN.A.WWI
208Ammunition Train103rd Ammunition Train; Company BAlfred W. BoyerWWI
208Ammunition Train304th Ammunition TrainErnest L. LoomisWWI
209Headquarters14th Anti-AircraftU.S. Army Air Forces.  Antiaircraft Command, 14thWWI
301Reconnaissance Troop2nd Reconnaissance; 2nd InfantryD. CafferyWWII
302Tank Battalion70th Tank BattalionChester B. HallWWII
302Tank Battalion81st Tank BattalionU.S. Army.  Tank Corps, 81st BattalionWWII
302Tank Battalion741st Tank BattalionU.S. Army.  Tank Battalion, 741stWWII
302Tank Battalion745th Tank BattalionHoward D. Howenstine; George E. TrollWWII
302Tank Battalion761st Tank BattalionJoe WilsonWWII
302Tank Battalion784th Tank BattalionJoe WilsonWWII
303Cavalry Regiment4th Cavalry; 1st SquadronU.S. Army;  Cavalry, 4th.  Squadron, 1stGeneral
303Cavalry Regiment4th CavalryU.S. Department of the ArmyGeneral
303Cavalry Regiment7th CavalryMelbourne C. ChandlerGeneral
303Cavalry Regiment9th Cavalry; 1st SquadronMatthew BrennanVietnam
303Cavalry Regiment11th CavalryN.A.Vietnam
303Cavalry Regiment11th CavalryPeter L. WalterVietnam
303Cavalry Regiment11th Armored CavalryBill SquiresVietnam
303Cavalry Regiment306th Cavalry; 306th Armored Cavalry GroupFord E. YoungGeneral
304Cavalry Group106th CavalryU.S. Army.  Cavalry Group, 106thWWII
403Gas Regiment1st Gas RegimentJames Thayer AddisonWWI
502Engineer Battalion1st Engineer Combat BattalionN.A.General
502Engineer Battalion1st Engineer Combat Battalion; 1st Infantry DivisionU.S. Army.  Engineer Combat Battalion, 1stVietnam
502Engineer Battalion1st Engineer Combat Battalion; 1st Infantry DivisionRoger Thorwald Peterson; U.S. Army.  Engineers, Combat Battalion, 1stVietnam
502Engineer Battalion1st Engineer Combat BattalionU.S. Army.  Engineer Battalion, 1stVietnam
502Engineer Battalion1st Engineer Combat BattalionThomas T. CrowleyWWII
502Engineer Battalion51st Engineer Combat BattalionKen Hechler; U.S. Army.  Corps of Engineers, Office of HistoryWWII
502Engineer Battalion51st Engineer Combat BattalionBarry W. Fowle; Floyd D. WrightWWII
502Engineer Battalion167th Engineer Combat BattalionRobert W. TykolWWII
502Engineer Battalion291st EngineersJanice Holt GilesWWII
503Engineer Regiment1st Engineers; Company AN.A.WWI
503Engineer Regiment2nd EngineersAllan BurtonWWI
503Engineer Regiment4th EngineersU.S. Army.  Engineer Regiment, 4thWWI
503Engineer Regiment6th EngineersN.A.WWI
503Engineer Regiment10th EngineersN.A.WWI
503Engineer Regiment11th EngineersVan Tuyl BoughtonWWI
503Engineer Regiment18th EngineersHugh Wiley.  U.S. Army.  Corps of Engineers, 18th RegimentWWI
503Engineer Regiment20th EngineersAlfred H. DaviesWWI
503Engineer Regiment21st EngineersU.S. Army.  Engineer Regiment, 21stWWI
503Engineer Regiment21st EngineersEarle Tabor Cronk; Leslie Allen LeathermanWWI
503Engineer Regiment26th EngineersCharles H. Lee; U.S. Army.  Engineers Regiment, 26th.  New England Water Works Assn.WWI
503Engineer Regiment29th EngineersJesse Rolen HinmanWWI
503Engineer Regiment40th EngineersU.S. Army.  Engineer Combat Regiment, 40thWWII
503Engineer Regiment101st EngineersN.A.WWI
503Engineer Regiment301st Engineers; F CompanyU.S. Army.  Engineer Regiment, 301st.  Company FWWI
503Engineer Regiment304th Engineers; 79th DivisionU.S. Army.  Engineer Regiment, 304thWWI
503Engineer Regiment1303rd EngineersCasey DeveikisWWII
505Engineer Brigade2nd Engineer Special BrigadeU.S. Army.  Engineer Special Brigade, 2ndWWII
505Engineer BrigadeEngineers Special Brigade, 2ndN.A.WWII
6031st InfantryN.A.General
603Infantry Regiment5th Infantry; 71st DivisionRobert A. PeckWWII
603Infantry Regiment5th InfantryN.A.General
603Infantry Regiment5th InfantryU.S. Army.  5th InfantryGeneral
603Infantry Regiment11th Infantry; 2nd Infantry Division2nd Infantry Division, Fort Benning, GAGeneral
60312th InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry, 12thGeneral
60316th InfantryN.A.WWI
603Infantry Regiment16th InfantryJohn W. Baumgartner.  U.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 16th, et alGeneral
603Infantry Regiment16th Infantry; 1st Infantry DivisionFrank S. Parr; Ralph J. Crawford; William R. Lembeck; U.S. Army.  Infantry Division, 16thCold War
603Infantry Regiment16th Infantry; 1st Battle GroupU.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 16thGeneral
603Infantry Regiment; Mechanized Battalion16th Infantry; 4th Battalion, MechanizedN.A.Cold War
603Infantry Regiment; Battalion16th Infantry; 2nd BattalionJay C. MumfordGulf War
603Infantry Regiment16th Infantry16th Infantry Regiment Assn.General
603Infantry Regiment16th InfantryJohn W. Baumgartner.  U.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 16th, et alGeneral
603Infantry Regiment16th InfantryR. T. PearceWWII
603Infantry Regiment16th InfantryJoe Dawson; Cole C. KingseedWWII
603Infantry Regiment17th InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 17thGeneral
603Infantry Regiment18th InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 18thWWI
603Infantry Regiment18th Infantry; 1st DivisionBen-Hur ChastaineGeneral
603Infantry Regiment18th Infantry; 1st Infantry DivisionN.A.Cold War
603Infantry Regiment18th InfantryArnold J. HeidenheimerGeneral
603Infantry Regiment18th InfantryRobert W. Baumer; Mark J. ReadonWWII
603Armored Infantry Battalion19th InfantryWalter R. Dickson; James W. HanifinWWII
603Infantry Regiment23rd InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 23rdGeneral
603Infantry Regiment25th InfantryJohn Henry NankivellGeneral
603Infantry Regiment26th InfantryCharles B. FullertonWWI
603Infantry Regiment; Infantry Division26th Infantry; 1st Infantry DivisionN.A.Cold War
603Infantry Regiment; Battle Group26th Infantry; 1st Battle GroupN.A.General
603Infantry Regiment26th Infantry; 1st BattalionThomas R. Hagley; Paul W. SabinVietnam
603Infantry Regiment26th InfantryPaul F. GormanGeneral
603Infantry Regiment26th InfantryN.A.General
603Infantry Regiment26th InfantryRichard D. LiebertCold War
603Infantry Regiment; Battalion26th Infantry; 1st BattalionU.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 26thGeneral
603Infantry Regiment27th InfantryGeorge Albert Hunt; William Elmer HuntGeneral
603Infantry Regiment28th InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 28thWWI
603Infantry Regiment28th Infantry; Medical Department; 1st DivisionN.A.WWI
603Infantry Regiment28th InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry, 28thWWI
603Infantry Regiment; Infantry Division28th Infantry; 8th Infantry DivisionHarold E. MacGregor; U.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 28thWWII
603Infantry Regiment; Battle Group28th Infantry; 2nd Battle GroupDavid A. BrowningVietnam
603Infantry Regiment; Battle Group28th Infantry; 1st Battle GroupU.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 28thWWI
603Infantry Regiment28th Infantry; Charlie CompanyPeter Louis Goldman; Tony Fuller, et alVietnam
603Infantry Regiment28th InfantryJames E. SheltonVietnam
603Infantry Regiment28th InfantryStephen L. BowmanGeneral
603Infantry Regiment38th InfantryJesse Walton WooldridgeWWI
603Infantry Regiment47th InfantryN.A.WWII
603Infantry54th InfantryGregory MabryWWI
603Infantry58th InfantryGeorge L. Morrow; 58th Infantry History AssociationWWI
603Infantry60th InfantryMorton J. StussmanWWII
603Infantry63rd InfantryU.S. Army.  63rd InfantryWWI
603Infantry Regiment; Infantry Division; Company86th Infantry; 10th Infantry Division; Headquarters CompanyU.S. Army.  Infantry Division, 10thCold War
603Mountain Infantry Regiment87th Mountain InfantryGeorge F. Earle; U.S. Army.  87th Mountain Infantry RegimentWWII
603Infantry101st InfantryJames T. DuaneWWI
603Infantry Regiment102nd InfantryDaniel Walter StricklandWWI
603Infantry Regiment104th InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 104thGeneral
603Infantry105th Infantry; 71stRobert Stewart SutliffeWWI
603Infantry Regiment104th InfantryJames H. FifieldWWI
603Infantry Regiment107th InfantryGerald F. JacobsonWWI
603Infantry Regiment107th InfantryStephen L. HarrisWWI
603Infantry Regiment110th InfantryFrancis Earle LutzWWI
603Infantry Regiment; Division110th Infantry; 10th Pennsylvania Inf; 3rd Pennsylvania Inf. 28th DivisionAssn. of the 110th Infantry, PennsylvaniaWWI
603Infantry Regiment110th Infantry; 28rh DivisionU.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 110thWWII
603Infantry; National Guard Infantry111th InfantryHarold T. Robinson; Pennsylvania National Guard Infantry, 111thGeneral
603Infantry Regiment115th InfantryJoseph Binkoski; Arthur PlantWWII
603Infantry Regiment120th InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 120thWWII
603Infantry126th InfantryJames CampbellWWII
603Infantry131st Infantry; 1st Illinois National Guard InfantryJoseph Brown Sanborn; George Nathaniel MalstromWWI
603Infantry132nd InfantryRobert C. Muehrcke; U.S. Army.  Infantry, 132ndWWII
603Infantry141st InfantryClifford H. PeekWWII
603Infantry Regiment148th Infantry; 37th Division; 1st BattalionWilliam Cadwallader: L.S. ConellyWWI
603Infantry Regiment157th InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 157thWWII
603166th Infantry; 42nd DivisionR. M. CheseldineWWI
603Infantry Regiment274th Infantry; 70th Infantry Division; I CompanyDan Yarus; William Sullivan, et alWWII
603Infantry305th InfantryFrank Bosworth RieboutWWI
603Infantry307th InfantryWalter Kerr RainsfordWWI
603Infantry Battalion308th InfantryLee Charles McCollumWWI
603Infantry Battalion308th InfantryLee Charles McCollumWWI
603Infantry Battalion308th InfantryLouis Wardlaw MilesWWI
603Infantry Battalion308th InfantryRobert H. FerrellWWI
603Infantry Battalion308th InfantryAlan D. GaffWWI
603Infantry Battalion308th InfantryRobert J. LaplanderWWI
603Infantry Battalion308th InfantryRobert J. LaplanderWWI
603Infantry Regiment310th Infantry; 78th DivisionRaymond L. Thompson; Association of the 310th InfantryWWI
603Infantry Regiment310th Infantry; 78th DivisionU.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 310thWWII
603Infantry Regiment310th Infantry; 78th Division; 3rd BattalionU.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 310th.  Battalion, 3rdWWII
603Infantry Regiment313th Infantry; 79th [Division]Edgar Lester MullerWWI
603Field Artillery313th Field ArtilleryThomas Irving CrowellWWI
603Infantry Regiment316th Infantry; 79th Division; F CompanyU.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 316thWWI
603Infantry Regiment317th InfantryEdley CraighillWWI
603Infantry Regiment317th Infantry; 3rd BattalionAndrew C. AstonWWI
603Infantry Regiment317th Infantry; 80th Division; H CompanyA.Z. AdkinsWWII
603Infantry Regiment329th InfantryRaymond J. Goguen; U.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 329thWWII
603Infantry Regiment354th InfantryU.S. Army.  Infantry Regiment, 354th; Machine Gun CompanyWWI
603Infantry359th InfantryChris EmmettWWI
603Infantry Regiment361st Infantry; 91st Division; Headquarters CompanyU.S. Army.  Division, 91st.  Infantry Regiment, 361st.  Headquarters CompanyWWI
603Infantry Regiment361st InfantryHarold H. BurtonWWI
603Infantry Regiment363rd Infantry; 91st DivisionRalph E. StrootmanWWII
603Infantry Regiment363rd Infantry; 91st DivisionBonnie L. CarrollWWII
603 Infantry Regiment28th Infantry; C Company; C1-1 SquadLeRoy MeyerVietnam
502Engineer Battalion104th Combat EngineersEdward T. CookWWII
603Infantry Regiment28th Infantry Regiment; Company DJames Carl NelsonWWI
051st Infantry Division1st Reconnaissance TroopGeorge J. KochWWII
12011st Infantry Division1st Signal CompanyLovern "Jerry" NaussWWII
60318th InfantryC Company (Charlie)Lee BanickiVietnam
60318th Infantry1st Battalion; C [Charlie] CompanyLee BanickiVietnam
05Infantry Division29th Infantry DivisionJoseph BalkoskiWWII
05Infantry Division29th Infantry DivisionABMC (American Battle Monuments Commission)WWI
05Armored Division1st Armored DivisionGeorge F. HoweWWII
05Cavalry1st Supply Train; E CompanyFrederic LangworthyWWI
302Cavalry/Tank Battalion70th Tank BattalionMarvin G. JensenWWII
503Regiment1st Engineers RegimentN.A.WWI
603Infantry3rd InfantryGreg Wurth, editorGeneral Information
603Regiment7th Infantry RegimentJohn C. McManusGeneral Information
603Regiment7th Infantry RegimentJohn C. McManusGeneral Information
603Infantry Regiment16th Infantry RegimentSteven E. ClayGeneral Information
603Infantry Regiment28th Infantry RegimentHarold MacGregorWWII
603Infantry316th RegimentCarl Edward GlockWWI
202Battalion93rd Armored Field ArtilleryLeif C. ReinertsenWWII
05Infantry Division4th InfantryN.A.General Information
05Division92nd DivisionABMCWWI
05DivisionSeventh DivisionEdgar Tremlett FellWWI
603Infantry332nd InfantryJoseph L. LettauWWI
05DivisionSeventh Infantry DivisionBruce GardnerGeneral Information
05Division7th DivisionABMCWWI
05Division3rd DivisionABMCWWI
05Division5th DivisionABMCWWI
05DivisionFourth DivisionChristian Albert Bach; Henry Noble HallWWI
05Division4th DivisionABMCWWI
05DivisionSecond DivisionJohn W. ThomasonWWI
05Infantry DivisionSecond InfantryGeorge B. ClarkWWI
05DivisionFifth DivisionSociety of the Fifth DivisionWWI
05Division2nd DivisionABMCWWI
05DivisionThird DivisionFrederic Vinton HemenwayWWI
05DivisionThird Infantry DivisionJoseph T. DickmanWWI
05DivisionSecond DivisionN.A.WWI
05DivisionSecond DivisionOliver Lyman Spaulding; John Womack WrightWWI
05DivisionFirst Infantry DivisionFlint WhitlockWWII
05DivisionSecond DivisionSecond Division AssociationWWI
05Infantry DivisionSecond Infantry DivisionU.S. Army. 2nd Infantry DivisionWWII
05Infantry DivisionThird Infantry DivisionU.S. Army. 3rd Infantry DivisionWWII
05DivisionFirst Infantry DivisionAlbert H. SmithWWII
05Division6th Infantry DivisionU.S. Army.  6th Division, Public Relations SectionWWII
05Division4th Infantry DivisionU.S. Army.  4th DivisionWWII
05DivisionFourth Infantry DivisionEdward HymoffVietnam
05Division26th DivisionMichael E. ShayWWI
03ArmyFirst ArmyWilliam C. Sylvan; Francis G. SmithWWII
03ArmyFirst ArmyDavid W. HoganWWII
603Infantry132nd Infantry; 66th Bge; 33rd DivAbel DavisWWI
05Division25th Infantry DivisionJohn C. Burns; William F. BergerGeneral Information
603Brigade173rd Airborne Brigade173rd Airborne Brigade, Information OfficeVietnam
603Infantry86th U.S. InfantryN.A.WWI
05Division8th Infantry DivisionN.A.General Information
205BrigadeFifty-fifth Field Artillery BrigadeWilliam J. Bacon, editorWWI
05Division25th Infantry DivisionBert Herrman, editorVietnam
303Battalion1st Battalion; 63rd ArmorN.A.Vietnam
05Division25th Infantry DivisionU.S. Army. Infantry Division, 25thVietnam
205BrigadeThirtieth Infantry DivisionNorman F. Fay; Charles M. KincaidWWII
05Division33rd DivisionBarnett W. Harris; Dudley J. NelsonWWI
05DivisionFifth Armored DivisionN.A.WWII
05DivisionFirst Infantry DivisionJoseph Dorst PatchWWI
603Regiment28th Infantry RegimentHarold MacGregorWWII
603Regiment16th Infantry RegimentCantigny First Division Foundation; 16th Infantry Regiment Assn.General Information
603Infantry Regiment394th Infantry; 99th Division; K Company; 5th PlatoonDavid P. ColleyWWII
707Medical Corps103rd Field HospitalMichael E. ShayWWI
502Engineer Battalion181st Engineer Heavy Pontoon BattalionBrooks RanneyWWII
302Cavalry SquadronFourth Cavalry Reconnaissance SquadronErnest E. EppsWWII
05Infantry Division26th Infantry DivisionLt. Co. John L. Pauley, G-3, et alWWII
0594th Infantry  Division301st Infantry Regiment ; 302nd Infantry Regiment ; 376th Infantry RegimentTony  Le TissierWWII
0529th Infantry Division(includes list of attached units)Joseph BalkoskiWWII